Dancing Marlin Celebrates National Lager Day Dec. 10 | Frankfort, IL Restaurant Cheers! Today is National Lager Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a crisp lager after a long, hard day at work. Here at Dancing Marlin in the south suburbs of Chicago, we pride ourselves not only in our American shared plates and wine on tap, but also in our beers, including our share of lagers. To celebrate, we invite you all to join us after work and try our favorites. Our selection of lagers include: Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 9.56.42 AM The word lager comes from a German word meaning “storage”. Lager beer is brewed and fermented at lower temperatures than ales, usually around 50 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to 65 degrees. Lager beer is then stored for about 30 days or longer close to freezing point. During this storing phase, or “lagering,” the flavor of the beer becomes smoother. Like ales, lagers can also range in color, from very light yellows to deep black.

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Pair your favorite lager with some of our new shared plates on our ever-evolving menu. For a traditional burger and beer pairing, try our new burger royale, complete with dry aged beef burger, house bacon, piquillo pepper, quail egg and aoli.

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Whatever your favorite lager may be, come on over and celebrate National Lager Day with us! We are always keeping things as fresh as our fish, and we invite you to try for yourself! eat.drink.share.

“Go Fish” With Us: