PASFins & Fans: Contest Entries Part 2 | Dancing Marlin Restaurant Frankfort, IL At Dancing Marlin in Frankfort, we are continually looking for ways to eat.drink.share. with our guests and communities, as our motto articulates. We love sharing with those around us, whether it be with our fresh seafood or our American shared plates. We have a passion for fishing, and we like to share that passion with all our guests and fans. Whether it be on a weekend fishing trip or your son’s first catch, we love to see everyone sharing in the fun. A few weeks ago, featured our photo contest winner Doug F. and some other “fins and fans” favorite photos in our blog. There were so many great submissions, we needed to share some more with you!

Kelly Donnelly

Kelly D. submitted this photo of her daughter, Leah, basking in the fresh catch. Leah wouldn’t touch or go near the fish, but we are told she has no problem taking the fish off the line anymore! Way to go, Leah!

Sam Burman

Thank you Sam B. from Orland Park for your submission. As you said, “everyday is a good day for fishing”, and we couldn’t agree more! Hope you enjoyed your catch as much as we enjoyed this photo!

Jennifer Schury

 We love this photo submitted by Jennifer S. from New Lenox. Moments such as these make us truly appreciate fishing and the company we have a chance to share it with. Jennifer’s son and father are pictured here, and Jennifer says, “they do this so often and it’s one of their favorite things to do together.” Thank you for the photo!

Jennette Jezierski

Jennette J. of Crestwood submitted this photo of her daughter’s first catch! Whenever Jennette looks at this photo, she is reminded of that wonderful summer. It’s not about the size of the fish, but about the happiness that comes along with fishing!

Angie Ernst

Angie E. from New Lenox sent in this photo of herself with her first catch. She was a little too excited about the fish that she fell into the water and lost it! It’s all about catch and release anyway, right? Thanks for the great story and wonderful photo.


This photo sent in by Joshua E. of Shorewood is too precious to not share. Joshua’s son seemed a little skeptical of the freshly caught fish, but that didn’t stop him from trying to touch it! Thanks for the laugh, Joshua. Thank you again to everyone who participated in our Dancing Marlin’s Fall Menu Tasting Event Contest! We can’t thank our guests and fans enough for all the love and support you have shown us. We hope to see all your smiling faces again and don’t be afraid to share some more photos with us in the future! eat.drink.share.   “Go Fish” with us: Facebook Twitter