Seafood Restaurant Dancing Marlin Complements Great Food with Tap Wine Program!   Here at Dancing Marlin in the south suburbs of Chicago, we pride ourselves not only in our freshly caught fish and American shared plates, but also in our deliciously crisp wines. We like to stand out from the crowd and do things that are fresh and new, so it is no surprise that we also handle our wines differently. Unlike most restaurants, we receive steel kegs of wine and place them on tap. This way, we can ensure aeration and the perfect pour in every glass. Having our wine on tap eliminates some of the challenges of bottled wines, like rotting corks and oxygen spoiling the wine, and no one wants that. The best part is, wines on tap are eco-friendly because they reduce packaging waste!

Our wine bar provides wines for every palate, from dry to very sweet. Some of our most known whites include: Gotham Project, which is our sauvignon blanc, bright with big citrus notes. For the pinot grigio fans, we have our Gazerra from Sicily, medium bodied, crisp with grapefruit and lemons. Pair this crisp wine with our cheese platter, which includes our chef’s selection of three cheeses, house cured meat, arugula, house crostini, and topped off with cranberry jam for the perfect pairing. For the sweet tooths, we have de la Costa, our sweet white wine, that blends together muscat, french colombard and riesling. Our red wines are also sure to satisfy. We have a fruitful Sangria, which blends red wine and citrus fruits. Perfect to pair with our paella! Another crowd favorite is the Silvertap, our merlot, complete with rich aromas of plum and blackberry. Other red wines on tap include King Estate Acrobat, a pinot noir with flavors of vanilla, cherry, cranberry and cherry, and Millbrandt Cabernet, smooth and rich with aromas of plum and blackberry. Whether you are a white or red wine drinker, we ensure you our wine on tap will never stop flowing. Come celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or family gathering with Dancing Marlin of Frankfort, Il. We are always keeping things new and exciting, so get ready for some mouth watering food and great memories!   eat.drink.share. “Go Fish” with us: Facebook Twitter