Dancing Marlin Celebrates National Sandwich Month August is National Sandwich Month, and being the small plates focused restaurant that we are, it only makes sense that we offer sandwiches in small bites as well. Most are no stranger to the slider, the miniature cousin to the typically giant sandwich. Dancing Marlin is the perfect place to celebrate the ever popular sandwich this month. With six different slider options ranging in everything from fried green tomatoes to shrimp bahn mi, Dancing Marlin offers delicious yet creative combinations to satisfy sandwich cravings.

The newly added Mid-Summer menu item, mo-rocca slider is comprised of house-made moroccan lamb and beef sausage with cucumber, apricot and preserved lemon jam. Sink your teeth into these Mediterranean meat lover sliders! u6hN_WHNyt3edpilagj9wYoT6YGVqSioyTXcBHbI1YI,7_zWbwCbXAZbbn5OLcZsbWTRCruDHPpDgpf91oMNANI,hdD3Zi6JNdcE5g4NB-qAQtpAufZyThK2A8ESIJI2Jiw Soft-shell crab sliders, a weekend favorite menu item, puts a seafood spin on the classic mini sandwich with heaps of fresh fried Maryland soft-shell crabs. n2108Pku2TIlrqY_OSsL3aF6JBbMTfyGoRfdK6uDVNE,SXuRfj71NWfaXc_iu9aJZnKiwmjaDS7yC8QIiyVYsVQ Another Mid-Summer menu item is a veggie lover’s delight. The fried green tomatoes sliders feature crispy fried tomatoes complimented with pimento cheese. Veg out with these flavorful starters! kRFNURrMN1cMbhgcUs0X_vw3iFAKJn9SOoSvO9KjwnA,_iKuEXp6qEiR0vGXjAFVSBbKK0IaiCuIHTtXQ-FQMU8 Other slider selections include shrimp bahn mi; poached shrimp, kimchi, cilantro, sweet & spicy pineapple salsa, burger; CDK Ranch, 21 day dry aged beef burger, cheddar, caramelized onions, house cured pickles, and  sloppy joseph; braised beef brisket, stewed peppers, thyme aioli. Why not try them all to truly celebrate National Sandwich Month in a big way?

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