Dancing Marlin Restaurant In Frankfort Dishes Out Decadent Desserts Our Frankfort, Illinois seafood hot spot loves serving up unique fresh catch small plates, but there’s something else we enjoy dishing out just as much- decadent desserts! After passing plates of our sliders, scallops, gnudi, and ceviche, there’s nothing more satisfying than a sugary sweet ending to a lavish meal. Dancing Marlin proudly presents four delicious desserts to indulge in at our small plates post. Our coffee and doughnuts are a classic crowd-pleaser. We treat you to brioche doughnuts accompanied with sea salt, caramel sauce, and topped with whipped coffee cream. A dessert and a post dinner pick me up!


The turtle cheesecake bites are a newly added dessert from our Mid-Summer menu that bring traditional cheesecake to bite sized caramel, chocolate, and pecan paradise.


You can’t go wrong with a liquor and dessert combination- that’s why we keep the rum banana bar as a sweet  staple on our menu. Your taste buds will dive into delight with this dessert consisting of rum cake, fried bananas, chocolate ganache, and cinnamon frosting. One of our guests, @haute_dish,  posted a great snap of this tempting dish to her Instagram account.


Last but certainly not least, our Mid-Summer menu addition, the chocolate shooter, is the ideal sweet treat for all of our cocoa craving diners. The two adorable cups of chocolate mousse with torched meringue make for a  rich and blissful end to your Dancing Marlin experience.


In case these delicious desserts aren’t enough for our guests, we offer 18 wines on tap as well as specialty hand-crafted cocktails to enjoy after savoring our shared plates. We cordially invite you and yours to wine, dine, and “dessert” with us! Eat. Drink. Share.

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