Dancing Marlin Celebrates Customers’ Kind Words As a seafood staple in the Chicago South Suburbs, we appreciate hearing from our guests highlighting their unique dining experience at our establishment. Bouncing back to our Summer Menu Tasting Event contest, we thought it’d only be right to share some more love that our patrons professed on Table Talk today.

Debra B.

“Sitting around a table with family/friends and trying all types of tastes is great.

Shared plates gives on opportunity to taste more than when ordering one large item.

It also seems to bring out more conversation. Shared plates are a great way to dine.”

Sarah H., 28

“I love shared dining because it takes me back to my semester abroad in Spain.

I can’t help but reminisce about those old little Spanish pubs with warm beer and a different tapa with each drink.

Me encantan las experiencias espanolas como hay en ‘El Dancing Marlin’ 🙂 “

Mike H., 33, Orland Park

“Dancing Marlin is a gem in the South Burbs. If you like good times, good drinks, and sharing great eats with your favorite people, Dancing Marlin is the place to be.”

Chuck G.

“We love the shared dining concept. With a menu as wide and varied as yours, it allows us to cover new dining ground and try dishes we might otherwise pass. This concept allows us to try new things together…a perfect date night!”

Nick O.

“I love the shared plate dining concept because it engages each of the 5 senses in a way no other dining experience can. It’s all about exploration of these senses with new tastes, aromas, and textures all while engaging with friends in conversation about their individual perspective of the plates.”

Laura M., 28

“I’m the eater that wants to try it all. Traditionally, I’m left wondering, ‘Did I pick the right thing?’ At Dancing Marlin, that gut-wrenching-life-changing decision is eliminated. I’ll try the whitefish dip, then tonight’s special, then who knows! It’s an adventure and my tastebuds are happy to be along for the ride!”

Gail P., 60, Tinley Park

“Hmmm, don’t have a taste for anything specific but enjoy a wide variety of food? That’s the perfect reason to indulge in the shared plates dining concept! Nothing pleases my taste buds more than being able to sample an assortment of dishes, flavors and cuisines. Bon Appetit!”

Nikki L., 27, Oak Lawn

“Cooking can be the most intimate and passionate act if done right, so parallel to that, eating is too. Sharing the experience of taste, texture, and flavor is a beautiful event that we often take for granted.”

Christie S., 25, Tinley Park

“Why I love the shared plate concept: Dancing Marlin gives guests the opportunity for a unique and intimate dining escape. Shared plates solves the problem of not having to pick one dish off of a menu where everything sounds good. You can share an endless variety of tantalizing bites of your choice with the people you care about most.”

Sarah M., 23, Orland Park

“Meals are a time for laughter, relaxation, and loved ones. The shared plate concept embodies this tradition and restores intimacy and togetherness to the table.”

With the much anticipated roll out of our Mid-Summer Menu, it’s almost a sin not to stop in and taste a few of our newly added shared plates! With items such as roasted bone marrow, paella, avocado tacos, and turtle cheesecake bites, you’d be hard pressed to find a dish you won’t absolutely fall in love with. Making reservations are a cinch, just visit our website www.dancingmarlinrestaurant.com and plan your next Summer night out with us.

Eat. Drink. Share.

“Go Fish” with us: