Dancing Marlin’s Fans Offer Fantastic Feedback Our shared plates concept may be new and daunting to some, but based off the overwhelmingly kind responses from some of our customers, Dancing Marlin’s dining experience is worth the adventurous palate’s risk! Proving that you don’t have to be in the city to enjoy alternative cuisines, our Chicago South Suburban seafood destination is a convenient locale for both city and suburb Chicagoans. Below are some excellent entries from our Summer Menu Tasting Event contest:

Jackie K., 50, Frankfort, IL

“Drinks and snacks are my favorite fare.

Full plate meals are way too much to bear.

Tasty bites, flavor heady, order drinks I am ready.

Looking forward to brand new dishes.

Dancing Marlin serves my wishes.”

Michael J., 48, New Lenox, IL

“We enjoy small plate dining for the variety of foods and tastes we can experience in one meal! We dined at the Dancing Marlin and had four different seafoods! We appreciate the fresh ingredients and the flavor explosions!”

Maggie F., 42, Orland Hills, IL

“What is more fun than sipping a glass of wine while pouring over a menu filled with such delightful options? The anticipation, the excitement, the enjoyment as you ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ while sharing such tasty dishes…and the guilty pleasure as you order just one more dish! Eat, Drink, Share!”

The enthusiasm and kind words from our fans make us just that more excited to roll out our seasonal specialities on the 2014 Summer Menu. ┬áConsciously crafted to tempt your taste buds, Dancing Marlin aims to create plates from scratch, infused with the freshest ingredients for your friends and family to relish in. Don’t just take our word for it, why not stop in and try for yourself?

Eat. Drink. Share.

“Go Fish” with us: