Dancing Marlin Restaurant in the Press Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 4.55.51 PM Our Frankfort, Illinois seafood centric restaurant was thrilled to host 22nd Century Media’s first  Hometown Advantage event this past Thursday.  Co-owner, Ed Nemec, talked fresh seasonal salads and assorted wine pairings to attendees and performed a cooking demonstration as well.  The Orland Park Prairie wrote about the exciting first event here. We loved that we were able to share our unique, seafood and shared plates concept with new patrons. Not only did guests get a taste of what we’re serving up here in the Chicago South Suburbs, but they experienced it being prepared right in front of their eyes, what a treat! As Ed has said before, “The perfect experience for our guests has to be complete from start to finish. To me there’s no separating the food and entertainment, as they should work together in perfect harmony.” We invite all of Chicagoland to Dancing Marlin for the perfect mix of American shared plates and an entertaining atmosphere. Eat. Drink. Share.   “Go Fish” with us: Facebook Twitter