From Hawaii to Frankfort: A Fresh Fish Voyage from Line to Plate DANCINGMARLIN-HAWAIISEAFOODAt Dancing Marlin, we take fresh, quality seafood seriously. We now feature weekly “just off the hook” seafood specials flown in directly from Hawaii. Dancing Marlin provides innovative, responsible, sustainable food with a purpose. Our fish selections are long-line caught in the Pacific waters off the coast of Hawaii, using actual hooks. We do not select fish sourced from large net fisheries. Nets can trap unintended wildlife, which in turn harms the delicate ecosystem balance. Long-line fishing practices are regulated and monitored to help prevent overfishing and to protect the ecosystem; therefore, long-line fishing is a more thoughtful, gentle, sustainable practice for procuring fresh fish and seafood. When it comes to quality, details matter. We take pride in knowing what waters the seafood was sourced from, and we even know the name of the fishing vessels used to catch your next meal. From ocean, to land, to air, our seafood selections are served direct to your plate in 24 hours. Now that’s fresh! We invite you to join us at Dancing Marlin this weekend to share and experience a taste of the Hawaiian Islands, right here in Frankfort. Here is a sample of previous “just off the hook” seafood specials: Hawaiian Swordfish Hawaiian Ehu (Pink Snapper) Georges Bank Jumbo Day-Boat Scallops Japanese Hamachi Smoked Ahi Grilled Hawaiian Ono Pan Seared Hawaiian Opaka-Paka Grilled Kauai Prawns Cold Smoked Ono Check back with us for more details on this weekend’s specials available Thursday through Sunday, including Hawaiian Opah and Lehi (Maroon Snapper)! We promise they’ll be “off the hook”. Don’t forget, we’re opening at 11 a.m. on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11th in order to celebrate mom! All moms will receive a long stem rose. It’s our way of saying thanks! Click here to view our special mom’s day menu.  Call us to today at 815-464-6646 make your reservation. Mahalo! “Go fish” with us: